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Moravia Automation s.r.o.

Conveyor lines

We design, engineer and install advanced conveyor lines that are always a step ahead of your needs and think about efficiency, speed and accuracy. We offer you various solutions to your situation and needs. In addition to parcel lines, we also produce tailor-made systems for warehousing and picking goods.


Shipping lines

We will design and install modern shipping lines for you, which will be a pleasure to work with. We have extensive experience and deep know-how in this area. We innovate shipping lines and adapt them to current needs.

Conveyor lines for airports

Security and reliability are two important parameters of our solutions that we supply for airports. Conveyors are used to transport baggage between check-in and the area for loading baggage onto transport carts, which then transport the baggage to the aircraft.


Telescopic conveyors

We will supply you with high quality, innovative and modern telescopic conveyors. We will tailor them to your needs and take care of the details to meet your expectations. We will design telescopic conveyors and take care of the complete solution for you, including assembly.